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SMRJ: Volume 14 No.1 June 2017
SMRJ: Volume 13 No.2 December 2016
SMRJ: Volume 13 No.1 June 2016
SMRJ: Volume 12 No.2 December 2015
SMRJ: Volume 12 No.1 June 2015
SMRJ: Volume 11 No.2 December 2014
SMRJ: Volume 11 No.1 June 2014
SMRJ: Volume 10 No.2 December 2013
SMRJ: Volume 10 No.1 June 2013
SMRJ: Volume 9 No.2 December 2012
SMRJ: Volume 9 No.1 June 2012
SMRJ: Volume 8 No.2 December 2011
SMRJ: Volume 8 No.1 June 2011
SMRJ: Volume 7 No.2 December 2010
SMRJ: Volume 7 No.1 June 2010
SMRJ: Volume 6 No.2 December 2009
SMRJ: Volume 6 No.1 June 2009
SMRJ: Volume 5 No.2 December 2008
SMRJ: Volume 5 No.1 June 2008
SMRJ: Volume 4 No.2 December 2007
SMRJ: Volume 4 No.1 June 2007
SMRJ: Volume 3 No.2 December 2006
SMRJ: Volume 3 No.1 June 2006




SMRJ: Volume 14 No.1 June 2017

  • Implementation Process and Lessons Learned in the Determination of Educational Cost Using Modified Activity-Based Costing (ABC)
  • The Similarity of Malay Architecture Terminology: Perahu and House
  • A Conceptual Framework of Blended Learning for Self-Directed Learners in Social Context: Case of Mobile Learning
  • Tailoring Design Development and Ideation in Catering to Industry Demands
  • Determinant Factors of Brand Loyalty in Malaysian Automotive Industry
  • Comparison on Selected Fitness Indicator and Golf Performances Among Elite and Non-Elite University Golfers



SMRJ: Volume 13 No.2 December 2016

  • Mitigating Vulnerability of Adolescent Girls via Innovative Usage of Digital Technologies: Insights from a Field Trial
  • Hard Landscape Trend Analysis: A Case Study at Perak Tengah District
  • An overview of lane changing model at signalised intersection
  • Enforcement of capital punishment: legal issues in eliminating drug trafficking
  • Association rules for purchase dependency of grocery items
  • The current practice of design and build procurement process in Malaysia
  • Tropical environment elements for green highway assessment



SMRJ: Volume 13 No.1 June 2016

  • Profiling online self-representation for cyber forensics: Anonymity and ageism in cyberspace
  • Organizational Happiness Index (OHI): Conceptualization and operationalization of measurement among employees in services industry
  • Ethical Codes as Instruments for Cooperative Sustainability
  • Achieving Social Justice through Hybrid Rural and Urban Model of Community Based Tourism: A Conceptual Framework
  • The Relationship between Collaboration in Learning, Quantity and Timing of Feedback, and Self-Efficacy of Students in Higher Education
  • Ethnic Identity in English Language Textbooks: Considerations for a Multicultural Society
  • Exploring ESL Lecturers’ Perspectives on the English Preparatory Course under the MDAB Programme
  • Comparison of Visibility Threshold on Different Chromatic Contrast Objects
  • Text Structures Affect Reading Speed



SMRJ: Volume 12 No.2 December 2015

  • Assessing the impact of microcredit programs on participant's entrepreneurial behavior: A conceptual framework
  • Writing Strategies Used by Malaysian ESL Undergraduates
  • Institutional support for postgraduate study in Malaysia
  • The effect of Visual Display Unit (VDU) near task under two different surrounding lightings on accommodation facility
  • Exploring women's work decision in Malaysia
  • Enforcement of foreign judgment in e-commerce consumer contracts in Malaysia: Issues and challenges
  • The effect of listening to binaural beats on frontal EEG alpha and beta of males and females
  • Corporate Governance: Nominee Director the Gatekeeper



SMRJ: Volume 12 No.1 June 2015

  • Transformational leadership, work motivation and performance: An exploratory study on the context and process
  • Effect of Strategic Attitudes on Marketing Capabilities in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Usage of social media to enhance job performance and reduce stress in organisation
  • Scale problem in capital market research
  • Quota sampling design using self-administered questionnaire for brand loyalty study in the agriculture retail industry in Malaysia



SMRJ: Volume 11 No.2 December 2014

  • Continued professional development practices in Malaysian service-based industry
  • Social development and social transformation in Mongolia
  • The relationship between personality traits and entrepreneurial intentions
  • Intelligent agent concepts in information centers



SMRJ: Volume 11 No.1 June 2014

  • Governance mechanisms and firm performance in family-owned companies in Malaysia
  • Performance of unit trust funds in Malaysia : a comparison between conventional and Islamic unit trusts
  • Public speaking to enhance oral Mandarin proficiency
  • Agro-preneurial obstacles among students in the Faculty of Plantation and Agrotechnology, UiTM Pahang
  • The impact of corporate governance elements on environmental reporting : the case of public listed companies in Malaysia
  • Testing the effectiveness of health risk messages : threat and efficacy processing
  • Exploring opportunities for government retirees to transfer their KSAOs for the national development : evidence from Malaysia